Emory Youth Development Alliance

Issue 7

Written by Zihao Zhang

Translated by Jinyi Zhang

8:00pm on May 2nd, 2014, more than twenty Emory students from sophomore to senior gathered under the afterglow of sunset, reading off Pledge of Emory Youth Development Alliance. Emory Youth Development Alliance (EYDA) has since then been established. This organization aims to form a career development network leading by Emory students of all majors. The mission of EYDA is composed of five core principles:

Maintain personal bond : strengthening personal contact and internal cohesion by organizing interacting activities in different locations.

Discover leadership potential: Developing leadership by hosting professional development conferences, networking with famous alumni and exploring more social resources.

Spark clashes among ideas: Promoting conversation from all academic, professional and social backgrounds.

Develop self-value: Discovering our true selves by communication and networking, to help optimize life goals.

Actualize professional aspirations: Helping to achieve academic, career and entrepreneurial goals based on shared resources and experience among members.

EYDA aims to first form a helping and trusting relationship within the community. It promotes a positive reciprocation by sharing resources with similar-interest members. We divide current undergraduate students into two categories: academia and employment, depending on their career directions after graduation. The following are some current EYDA members and their distribution in different fields.


Emerson:2014’,MIT,Master of Finance

Sam:2014’, LSE,MSc International Political Economy

Barton:2014’,Columbia Univeristy, International Politics

Yuka:2014’,Northwestern U,Master of Biotechnology

Dong: 2014’, CMU, Master of Econ and Math


Henry:2014’,Founder of Pingyuan Education

Livian:2014’, Union Bank of Switzerland


Shannon:2014’, Deloitte

Kaidi:2014’,Bloomberg LP

Current Students

Amanda Qiao:2015’,BBA, Founder of GASA and Mulan Dance Group

Zihao Zhang:2016’,Founder of Sino-Emory Newsletter,VP of Media Council

Dongze Li:2016’,Internship at Morgan Stanley, GIMG Associate, Founder of Jujitsu Club.

Tom Zhu:2016’,Co-President of Student Alumni Board, Lullwater Ambassador,

Bruce Zhang:2016’, Math and Econ, Chicago private equity intern, Founder of Jujitsu Club

Fiona Li:Junior Legislator of College Council, Sigma Alpha Omega- founding sister, ECC VP

Richard Sui:Senior Legislator of College Council, Co-Founder of China-Tibet Initiative, Xi Kappa VP

Fei Gao: CS and Finance, Zoetis Inc. Intern, VP of No strings attached

Liqi Shu: Pre-Med, Biology Research, ECC Co-President

Contact EYDA: emory.eyda@gmail.com

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